5: Mental Wellness Tips

In 2019 we’re all looking to stay mentally and physically healthy. It’s normal for people to go through periods of higher and lower moods. The frequency depends on their situation and personality structure. You can’t avoid having periods of lower mood, but you can change your mindset around it. There are so many physiological, psychological and social contributors to one’s overall wellness. Below are my top tips to a happy mind:


Sleep is one of the things we all tend to underestimate. When we are tired we become more vulnerable to our triggers and emotions. I know that when i’m tired I’m far more impulsive about little things like my food choices. I won’t lie, I can eat an entire block of chocolate on minimal sleep. The optimal amount of sleep differs per individual but aim for 7-8 hours per night.

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I’m sure it isn’t a shock to you that exercise has made the list. Exercise allows the body to release endorphins so we FEEL emotionally better. Exercise for me is an outlet, a distraction and an emotion regulation strategy. You don’t have to become a body builder, you just simply need to take a walk regularly. Exercise increases the chances of better sleep.
Tell yourself you don’t have time? Stop lying to yourself there’s 24 hours a day. Don’t have the motivation? Neither do I 50% of the days but I do have routine and discipline. Create a habit and increase your mental wellness!

Eat your fats, proteins and carbs. Don’t restrict. Find balance. It is literally as simple as that. Fuel your body for a good day, every day.

You are surrounded with both negativity and positivity every single day. How many of your thoughts are based around something you deem as negative? Finance? Relationship stress? Work? Self-image? What other people think of you?
A few years ago I remember being someone that only heard the one negative comment amongst three positive ones. Some of our minds are trained to focus on the negative and this is often related to our childhood experiences. This also depends on our values and what we as individuals have constructed as negative and positive in our minds. The truth is every aspect of our lives comes with a negative and positive aspect. Learn to hold onto the positive and let go of the negative. You can’t please everyone. You can’t be perfect. You CAN choose happiness.

Surround yourself with people that make you feel worthy, wanted and lift you up. If you think there’s a toxic relationship in your life then you are most likely correct. Those kinds of people bring negativity with them, so let them go. They can take that negativity/toxicity into some other humans life because you are prioritising what YOU need! Choose individuals that compliment your own values and are willing to give you support when required. Talk about what’s going on for you and listen to what is going on for them.

Be kind to yourself. You deserve wonderful things in this world, even when your mind tells you otherwise. Do something that ignites a fire in your soul. Give back to your body because you put it through SO much every day. De-stress. Some common methods of self-care are: Massage, pampering, meditation, learning muscle instrument, reading, watching a movie.

Yes yes, we all know it was going to be on the list. If you’re groaning at the sight of the word- I HEAR YOU. I’m not saying you need to go full on yogi and meditate 3 hours a day… Meditation and mindfulness are different things. Either are going to be beneficial to your mental health but when you are mindful you don’t necessarily need to be in a room alone. Mindfulness is described as “paying attention to the present moment with openness, curiosity and without judgement” (Smiling Minds- i’ll link below).
You can do this easily as you go for a walk. Notice the air. Notice the sounds you can hear. Notice your feet as they hit the ground. Notice what the air smells like. Notice what is going on for you on the inside- are you anxious? If so, where do you feel that? Do you feel heavy or light? Is your mind racing or is it calm? Is your heart beating fast or slow?
There are a million apps to help you out. Some of my faves include: Headspace, Smiling Minds, Calm and Insight timer. Give it a go and watch it bring clarity and clearness to your mind!

If you need any further help send me a message! Best of luck,